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Penuma Implant Injury Lawsuits

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The lawyers at Babin Law represents injured Penuma victims throughout the country.

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Penuma Is A Cash Business!

Penuma is a dangerous defective product that has injured hundreds of unknowing victims. Penuma and its spokesman Dr. Elist lured innocent patients into undergoing Penuna implant surgery with false marketing claims that Penuma does not cause penile disfigurement, deformity, penile retraction, curvature, loss of sensation, numbness or other injuries. Most importantly, if for any reason the patient wanted or needed Penuma removed Penuma was described as reversible or easily reversible. In fact, at one conference, Dr. Elist made the outlandish claim that upon removal the patient would be better off than before.

The reality is that Penuma is a cashcow for its inventor and surgeons. Marketed as a cosmetic surgical option to enlarge the penis, Penuma is compared to breast implants. Penuma is more profitable to surgeons than many other forms of penis enlargement techniques, and it costs between $15,000 to $18,000 cash. Penuma’s business model is to now expand Penuma implantation nationwide with a group of surgeons spread throughout the country. 

Thousands of patients were duped by sleek Penuma advertisements and storys in prominent media outlets like GQ. Many of these men that underwent the Penuma implant surgery have suffered horrible disfigurement and unbearable pain. The implant causes severe scar tissue to build up, and it can also perforate the penis tissue and glands. The Penuma implant can erode causing serious infection and injury in the penis. The Penuma implant can actually cause the penis to shrink in length, and it can cause severe angular crookedness. The Penuma implant is described as unbelievably, unbearably, painful. And the severe pain lasts for many many months. 

Babin Law is committed to seeking compensation for the injuries you suffered from the Penuma implant. We not only seek to recover costs for the Penuma implant, removal, and rehabilitation but, more importantly, compensation for your personal pain and suffering, disfigurement, and often permanent injury.

The attorneys at Babin Law are investigating claims on behalf of victims that suffered complications from implantation of the defective Penuma device. Our attorneys include some of the countries leading medical device lawyers, serving in leadership in some of the largest cases in the country. We believe that the Penuma device is dangerous and defectie, and that victims that underwent the surgery and suffered complications are entitled to compensation. 

If you underwent Penuma implant surgery, and had complications or injuries as a result, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Contact us today at 855-ITS-BABIN or (614) 761-8800. We can help.

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