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Having a rideshare accident can be horrifying. However, a Columbus rideshare accident lawyer may be able to provide some relief for you. Read on to find out how.

Columbus is one of the most populous cities in Ohio. As expected, such a massive population would impact significantly on transportation in the city. If you live in Columbus, you may have required rideshare services to ease your transportation burden at some point. That’s because, generally, ridesharing services are quick, affordable and a viable alternative to public transportation. 

You can conveniently make a ride request and expect a taxi at your location within a few minutes. Furthermore, rideshare apps can offer assistance for persons with limited mobility. The most popular rideshare apps are Uber and Lyft and both companies have enjoyed widespread patronage over the years.

However, rideshare vehicles—involved with Uber or Lyft, for instance—can also get involved in traffic accidents. These accidents are usually caused by drivers’ negligent actions like distracted driving. If you’re an injury victim in such an accident, your Columbus car accident lawyers may be able to help you get maximum compensation. 

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What Should I Do After a Rideshare Vehicle Accident in Columbus? 

Studies show that the introduction of ridesharing services contributed to the increase in car occupant and pedestrian deaths. Getting into rideshare accident is a very real possibility, and what you do after the accident determines how easily you can get fair compensation thereafter. As such, ensure that you do the following after any type of vehicle accident:

  • Seek Medical Treatment 

Regardless of how simple rideshare accidents seem, it’s always important to prioritize medical care in every case. That’s because many accident victims experience shock immediately after the accident. As such, they may not be able to fully process the extent of their injuries. 

Seeking medical attention as quickly as possible is the best way to ensure that you don’t complicate your injuries. Asides from the health benefits, seeking medical treatment in time can help your personal injury claim. For example, your medical report can be handy in proving that the accident and nothing else, caused your injuries.

  • Report the Accident 

As soon as you can, you must report the accident to the relevant law enforcement officers in your locality. In Columbus, that will be the local police or Ohio Highway Patrol. That’s especially if there were serious injuries, fatalities, or damage to property exceeding $1,000.

Like a medical report, an accident report can help you prove your claims. Apart from the police, it’s important to notify the relevant rideshare company about the crash. That’s especially if the rideshare driver is the responsible party in the accident.

  • Gather Evidence 

Most of the evidence you’d need for your personal injury claim is right at the accident scene. The earlier you gather such evidence, the higher your chances of getting maximum compensation. You can gather evidence by taking note of important details of the accident.

For example, you can take pictures and videos of the vehicle and surrounding areas. Also, if you can, interview eyewitnesses and passersby and document their accounts via phone recording.

  • Learn About Your Legal Rights

Columbus rideshare accident attorneys can use their knowledge, experience and negotiation skills to explain your legal rights to you. They can also walk you through the process and what you could expect if you decide to hire an attorney.

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Who Is Liable for My Columbus Rideshare Accident Injuries? 

From traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord injuries and psychological hurt, the aftermath of many rideshare accidents is horrible. The financial hardships you’d incur during recuperation makes it even more unbearable. As such, it’d provide some relief to you to hold the at-fault party accountable for the accident’s financial burdens. 

However, to hold an at-fault party liable for your injuries, you must prove the following conditions: 

  • A Duty of Care 

Duty of care refers to a legal obligation someone has to ensure the safety of others. For example, all motorists have the duty of care to use the road in ways that don’t endanger lives. They exercise this duty of care by obeying all traffic safety rules and regulations. As such, the negligent party in a vehicular accident is one who disobeyed traffic rules. Such at-fault party is usually liable for damages.

  • Breach of Duty of Care  

Merely owing a duty of care to a motorist doesn’t make one liable for accident injuries. You must also prove that the responsible party breached such a duty of care. For example, a breach of duty of care would be an at-fault driver tailgating.

  • Causation

A breach of duty of care wouldn’t make a driver liable for damages if such breach didn’t cause your injuries. So, you must show that it was such a breach and nothing else that caused your injuries or property damage.

  • Damages 

To get a compensatory award for damages, you must prove the existence of quantifiable damages caused by the accident. If you can’t prove damages, you may not receive any compensation. Showing that you sustained some form of bodily injury in the crash satisfies this requirement.

Discovering the liable party in your rideshare accident is one thing. Knowing how to go about the insurance claims is another. That’s especially if the Uber driver is the responsible party. In such cases, it’s difficult to determine if the driver is personally liable or if the rideshare company bears liability.

Generally, however, liability coverage depends on whether the Uber driver was at the time of the accident, driving for Uber. That, in turn, would depend on whether the driver was on the app or had accepted to pick you up. If the driver was working for Uber at the time, third-party liability insurance would cover you.

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What Types of Compensation Will I Get for My Rideshare Accident Injuries?

Getting fair compensation for your injuries and property damage is the main goal of an insurance claim or accident lawsuit. Depending on the peculiarities of your case, you may get the following types of compensation: 

  • Economic Damages 

Economic damages refer to the financial losses you suffered as a result of the crash. That includes compensation for hospital bills, lost income, property damage, etc. Economic damages also include burial expenses if it is a wrongful death claim.

  • Non-Economic Damages 

Many rideshare accident injuries transcend physical. Most times, victims suffer emotional, social, and psychological trauma as a result of the accident. Non-economic damages cover such types of damages. Examples are compensation for loss of consortium, emotional distress, etc.

  • Punitive Damages

Unlike economic and non-economic damages, punitive damages don’t compensate the victim. Instead, this type of damages aims at punishing the defendant for their recklessness.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Columbus Rideshare Accident Lawyer 

There are many reasons why hiring an experienced Columbus rideshare accident attorney might be a good idea. We’ve listed the important ones below: 

  • Investigations

Winning a personal injury claim or lawsuit depends on the quality of your investigations. You’d need as much information as you can get to prove your claims to the insurance company. Accident lawyers know how to gather the information you need to succeed in your claims. They also understand the processes involved in investigations.

  • Legal Advisory 

It’s easy to make mistakes while pursuing insurance claims. That’s because the legal process of getting compensation is usually complex and difficult to understand. Since you have little or no legal background, you can easily make mistakes that are detrimental to your case. As such, a good attorney will advise and guide you on the proper steps to take.

  • Documentation and Paperwork

Pursuing personal injury claims requires a lot of documentation and paperwork to prepare and file. Apart from preparing them correctly, each document has to be filed at the appropriate time. A Columbus rideshare accident lawyer has experience in preparing and filing such sensitive documents.

  • Negotiations 

Another part of insurance claims is the negotiation process. Insurance companies employ their own experienced attorneys who are skilled in negotiating damages. Without an attorney by your side, you may be at a disadvantage. Hiring an injury attorney will help you level the playing field.

  • Legal Representation 

Sometimes, personal injury claims are unsuccessful for many reasons. The insurance company can outright deny your claim or refuse to pay you what you’re due. In such situations, you may have to seek redress in court. If you decide to file a lawsuit, your attorney will offer you quality legal representation. 

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Personal injury cases are quite complex to handle. Rideshare accident claims can add additional layers of complexity. Seeking assistance from experienced Columbus personal injury attorneys can help provide you with guidance during the process. Our legal team at Babin Law, LLC is knowledgeable and may be able to assist with your Columbus Uber/Lyft accident claim.

At Babin Law, LLC we are knowledgeable at handling rideshare accident insurance claims and lawsuits. We’re with you in every step of the legal process. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation immediately.

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