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The Philips CPAP and BiPAP ventilator machine is a medical device that has come under investigation due to its potentially hazardous design. It was found that the product is made with a polyester-based polyurethane foam that can be dangerous if inhaled or ingested. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing health problems after using a Philips ventilator machine, you deserve compensation. Babin Law, LLC has extensive experience representing product defect and personal injury clients in the Columbus, Ohio area. Read on to find out how our Columbus Philips CPAP attorneys may be able to help protect your rights. 

When you use a medical product, you expect it to help solve your health issues. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. 

Some companies do not take the time to properly test their products while others fudge the results. The FDA is too busy to test every product themselves and leaves the responsibility to the companies. This makes it easy for them to bring products to the market that aren’t entirely safe. 

What is the Philips CPAP?

The Philips CPAP is designed to help individuals with sleep apnea. It draws in air to maintain the positive air pressure needed to prevent the condition. It has a mask feature that brings the air to the mouth and nostrils to provide ventilation to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. 

The machine is prescribed to patients who have obstructive sleep apnea. It keeps their airways open while they are asleep and brings air into their lungs when they are unable to breathe on their own. 

Philips CPAP lawyers in Columbus Ohio

The Philips CPAP Issue

After the machine came on the market, complaints began to surface. Users stated that they found black particles in the machine. Although these complaints had been coming in for years, the company did not warn the public about potential hazards until April of 2021, and did not recall their machines until June of 2021. 

The FDA weighed in stating that a low complaint rate of 0.03% caused Philips to investigate their product which led them to find that the PE-PUR foam may “degrade into particles which may enter the device’s air pathway and be ingested or inhaled by the user and the foam may off-gas certain chemicals.”

They further stated that the foam breakdown may worsen if unapproved cleaning methods are used or if high heat and humidity environments exist. 

Health Risks of the Philips CPAP

People who have used the Philips CPAP have complained of health conditions and side effects caused by the foam degradation and the chemical exposure due to off-gassing. These include:

Foam Degradation:

  • Irritation
  • Headache
  • Inflammation
  • Toxic effects
  • Respiratory issues
  • Cancer


  • Irritation
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Headache
  • Toxic effects
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Carcinogenic effects

What Should I Do If I’m Using a Recalled Philips CPAP or BiPAP in Columbus?

If you are using a Philips ventilator machine that has been recalled, you should discontinue use and talk to your doctor or Durable Medical Equipment provider to determine the best course for alternate treatment. Patients and medical professionals must figure out if using the product provides benefits that outweigh potential health risks. 

Cleaning the Philips CPAP

Improper cleaning of the Philips CPAP may increase health risks. On Feb 27, 2020, the FDA released a warning stating that using ozone gas or ultraviolet light to clean or disinfect the machine could cause coughing, difficulty breathing, nasal irritation, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. 

UV light may be used to disinfect surfaces if the light is not escaping into its surroundings. However, if there is no shield to protect the user from the light, it can be a health hazard depending on the wavelength intensity and the amount of time the user is exposed. 

Philips CPAP Repair and Replacement

Philips is planning on remedying the situation by replacing the sound abatement foam on affected devices as soon as possible. They are launching a Repair and Replacement Program dedicated to modifying first-generation DreamStation CPAP and BiPAP products with a different sound abatement foam that meets safety regulations. 

Philips next generation CPAP platform DreamStation 2 is considered safe and is not affected by the recall. Philips is increasing production of their second-generation DreamStation BiPAP and CPAP products so patients will have access to safe products during the recall. 

Other CPAP Recall

Philips is not the only company dealing with a CPAP recall. Fisher and Paykel issued an FDA Class I Recall for its CPAP Infant Nasal Prong devices after receiving at least 24 reports stating that the prongs detached from the nasal tubing during use. This interrupts therapy and leads to a risk of low blood oxygen. 

What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive for My Columbus Philips CPAP Lawsuit?

The compensation you may receive in a Philips CPAP lawsuit will vary depending on your personal situation and the extent of your injuries. Here are some damages you may be looking at. 

Economic Damages: Economic damages cover current and future medical expenses to treat injuries caused by the machine as well as lost wages and loss of future earning potential. 

Noneconomic Damages: An injury can greatly reduce the quality of life. Noneconomic damages are meant to cover the physical and emotional pain and suffering that results. It is difficult to put a monetary value on these non-tangible elements, but your Columbus Philips CPAP lawyer will use his or her years of experience to come up with an amount that is fair. 

Babin Law May Be Able to Assist With Your Columbus Philips CPAP Lawsuit

Product defect cases can get complicated. You will have to go against big business and present medical evidence for your claim. Having a reliable Columbus Philips CPAP lawyer on your side may help give you a better chance of getting fair compensation. 

Babin Law, LLC may be able to help with your Columbus, Ohio product defect case. We are not easily intimidated by big business. We treat our clients with care and respect, and we fight to get the best outcome possible. 

Don’t let pharma companies get away with releasing products that can harm innocent people. Call our Columbus Philips CPAP attorneys at Babin Law, LLC to schedule a free consultation today. If we’re able to take on your case, we will fight to make sure justice is served. 

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