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January 2022

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Where Is Human Trafficking Most Prevalent in Ohio? Featured Image Spacer

Where Is Human Trafficking Most Prevalent in Ohio?

January 28, 2022 by babinlaw Posted in

Human trafficking, or modern slavery, is reported in every state, Ohio included. Despite Ohio recording a high number of human trafficking cases, residents have little idea of the devastating crime happening in their state.    There are areas where human trafficking is most prevalent in Ohio, but all citizens ought to be on the lookout. Why? Traffickers do not look at the social status, region, educational background, gender,  or age. They operate worldwide, and everyone is a potential victim.  Ohio has large urban centers and several counties with a rural setting. In addition, the state has a large number of immigrants and a transient population. These features have made Ohio more vulnerable to human trafficking.  What…

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Ohio Truck Accident Statistics Featured Image Spacer

Ohio Truck Accident Statistics

January 21, 2022 by babinlaw Posted in

Truck accident statistics show a remarkable trend towards increasing over the last year. Despite the situation with the world remaining locked down, for the most part, trucking companies still had to get their goods to locations to get paid. Unfortunately, this led to fatal crashes quite often. Truck drivers know how dangerous their job is. Even so, truck accidents happen even though the drivers are well aware of the responsibility resting on their shoulders. In some cases, passenger vehicle drivers are responsible for injuries and fatal crashes. In other cases, the truck drivers might cause traffic fatalities because their employers are overworking them. Insurance companies are extremely interested in tracking accident statistics within the trucking…

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What’s The Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in Ohio? Featured Image Spacer

What’s The Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in Ohio?

January 14, 2022 by babinlaw Posted in

A statute of limitations is a legal instrument that sets a time limit on how long a personal injury victim can take to bring a lawsuit against someone else. Personal injury may include bodily injury or emotional distress from a particular situation. In Ohio, if you miss the date for filing the suit, you could find yourself unable to recover compensation for your injuries. A personal injury claim has its own statute of limitations for filing a claim. However, there are particular situations where the statute may only apply after something has occurred. Product liability cases, for example, tend to have a specific clause triggering when the statute is calculated. Importance of the Ohio Statute…

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What Is The Average Settlement For a Whiplash Injury in Ohio? Featured Image Spacer

What Is The Average Settlement For a Whiplash Injury in Ohio?

January 7, 2022 by babinlaw Posted in

Car accidents, no matter how big or small, often result in one or more people sustaining a variety of different injuries, some of the most common of which are injuries to the neck and back. While these areas of the body typically sustain soft tissue injuries, they can cause extreme pain and require a significant amount of treatment for recovery.  Drivers and passengers involved in car accidents struck by negligent drivers can file claims to receive a financial settlement for pain and injuries they suffered as long as they satisfy all the necessary legal requirements. The burden of proof is on the accident victim. A car accident lawyer will help gather evidence to prove your…

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