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November 2021

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Lyft Ride Injury in Columbus Ohio, Can I Sue? Featured Image Spacer

Lyft Ride Injury in Columbus Ohio, Can I Sue?

November 28, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

Have you been in a Columbus Lyft accident? Find out whether you can sue for a Lyft ride injury in Columbus, OH, and why you might want to contact a Lyft accident attorney. In Columbus, Ohio, it is not uncommon for Lyft drivers to get into traffic accidents. Fortunately, Ohio state law allows you to recover compensation for your financial losses following a Lyft accident.  You may be confused as to whether you’ll sue the Lyft driver or the rideshare company. If you’re looking into filing a Lyft accident lawsuit, you should consider reaching out to an experienced Lyft accident attorney.  Can You Sue for a Lyft Accident Injury in Columbus, Ohio? An injury victim…

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Who Pays for Pedestrian Injuries in an Accident? Featured Image Spacer

Who Pays for Pedestrian Injuries in an Accident?

November 21, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

A pedestrian is someone walking and not traveling in a vehicle. A vehicle here is a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. When vehicles collide with pedestrians, they inflict severe traumatic injuries on them. These injuries can lead to their death or leave them with a disability. Victims who survive pedestrian accidents can seek compensation from the fault party. Most times, the responsible party can be the driver of the car that struck the victim. However, there are times when the supposed fault driver is not responsible for the crash. In cases like this, the question becomes who pays for pedestrian injuries in an accident? Our Columbus personal injury lawyers might be able to shed light…

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What Is The Average Personal Injury Settlement in Ohio? Featured Image Spacer

What Is The Average Personal Injury Settlement in Ohio?

November 14, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

They say that injuries are a normal part of life, and technically, most of that is true. Even the most careful people in this world are not immune to falls, slips, burns, and scratches. It’s also not rare to find yourself in situations where you get hurt because of other people. Other people can elbow you or step on your foot accidentally. However, the keyword here is “accidentally.” Accidents are normal, and usually these encounters end with a small amount of pain and an apology. What’s not normal is when you get injured because of someone else, and it could have been avoided entirely. Cases like these may escalate to filing a personal injury settlement,…

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When to Contact a Columbus Car Accident Lawyer Featured Image Spacer

When to Contact a Columbus Car Accident Lawyer

November 7, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

A car accident, in so many ways, is a chain-reaction event. It starts with one thing and results in so many other consequences. For instance, a crash that begins with two vehicles causes injuries, deaths, property damages, etc. This would, in turn, result in financial losses on the part of everyone involved. The fault party loses money dealing with their losses and paying compensation, and the victim may also lose money if the fault driver doesn’t have the means to settle. Beyond the financial losses, the accident injuries may result in permanent disabilities. Hence, in most cases, accident victims file an accident claim to receive compensation for the hurt they suffered. A successful claim depends…

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