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October 2021

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Huntington Beach Oil Spill Lawsuit Featured Image Spacer

Huntington Beach Oil Spill Lawsuit

October 29, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

Following a massive oil seepage incident, the beach was closed to the public after the Huntington Beach Oil Spill. Officials worked tirelessly to get the beach cleaned up after the hazardous incident, and the companies that acted neglectfully and failed to contain the seepage are now facing legal action. A lawsuit has been filed against the liable parties, and hopefully they’ll have to pay for all the devastation their recklessness brought to the environment, wildlife, and people. The beach hosts a huge volume of visitors, especially in the summers, and all of this traffic was disrupted due to the incident. But nothing compares with the widespread ecological destruction and the toxicity spread due to this…

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Ohio Motorcycle Accident Statistics Featured Image Spacer

Ohio Motorcycle Accident Statistics

October 21, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

Motorcycle riders have as much right to use the roads of Ohio as car drivers. However, our state has the unfortunate reputation of having one of the highest rates of motorcycle accidents across the US. This means that year after year, motorcyclists are injured or lose their lives in traffic accidents. As personal injury attorneys, our mission at Babin Law, LLC is to help victims of motorcycle accident injuries recover economic and non-economic damages from the responsible party. In this article, we want to highlight the seriousness of the situation. Over the years, our motorcycle accident lawyers have handled too many cases involving motorcyclist deaths, as well as severe injuries with long-lasting effects. In order…

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Most Truck Accidents in Ohio Can Be Prevented Featured Image Spacer

Most Truck Accidents in Ohio Can Be Prevented

October 14, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

Accidents involving a semi-truck, garbage trucks, light trucks, commercial vehicles, and so on are especially catastrophic because of the sheer size of the vehicles involved. However, as with all accidents, in theory, at least, truck accidents are all preventable, and in practicality, most of them can indeed be prevented from ever happening in the first place. Accidents are a result of negligence, big or small, and thus by eliminating negligence from the equation, the chances of accidents can also be cut down drastically. Thus, in theory, at least, truck crashes and the resultant deaths can be prevented and in this article, we’ll discuss the risks associated with truck accidents (injuries, deaths, and property damage), some…

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Who Can I Sue For a Slip and Fall Injury in Columbus Ohio? Featured Image Spacer

Who Can I Sue For a Slip and Fall Injury in Columbus Ohio?

October 7, 2021 by babinlaw Posted in

When you trip and fall on someone else’s premises, you may not always know who to sue. In this article, you’ll learn about slip and falls and liability in Columbus. A slip and fall accident usually happens when you trip over an object or slide over a wet surface. Apart from wet floors, other dangerous conditions like poor lighting, loose floorboards, etc., are responsible for slips and falls. Most of the time, this type of accident causes devastating injuries. If a negligent party caused your accident, a Columbus slip and fall attorney might be able to file a compensation claim on your behalf. That would mean negotiating an insurance settlement with the defendant’s insurance companies…

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