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Case Results

Medical Malpractice $5M

More than $5,000,000 settlement for client In Nursing/Hospital malpractice claim where nurse administered paralytic to wrong patient causing his death; hospital had special warning labels for the paralytic drug due to prior occurrence but the label had not been put on the medication bag and was sitting in a closet; when warning alarms went off in ICU no one responded promptly.

Employer's Liability $2.5M

$2,500,000 settlement for group of nurses that had lunch deducted from shifts when no lunch was taken.

Car Accident $2M

$2,000,000 settlement for client injured from railroad collision with a motor vehicle where he was a passenger. Driver was drunk at time of accident and railroad had failed to comply with state law regarding the removal of obstructing vegetation along its right-of-way.

Medical Malpractice $1.8M

$1,800,000 settlement for client’s medical negligence suit for wrongful death of his wife. The case had been voluntarily dismissed by prior attorney; client came in one week before expiration of one year to refile; re-filed the case and discovered that injury causing wife's death resulted when physician was trying to remove an organ that had already been removed by another physician during a prior surgery; at fault physician had not reviewed prior surgery records.

Car Accident $1.8M

$1,800,000 settlement for a railroad collision with motor vehicles due to failure of railroad crossing lights to operate properly; case had been turned down by three other firms experienced in railroad law. Client called just before statute of limitations would run; case settled Friday before trial.

Trafficking $1.6M

$1,600,000 settlement for victim of trafficking.

Truck Accident $1.4M

$1.4 million verdict for client hit by an 18-wheeler truck. He was left with permanent injuries to his neck and back-that required surgery, and unable to work.

Car Accident $325K

$325,000 settlement for client that developed traumatic carpal tunnel syndrome, requiring surgery after a rear end collision with a commercial vehicle.

Employer's Liability $300K

$300,000 for unpaid overtime for a group of dispatch workers in trucking industry.

Dog Bite $230K

$230,000 settlement for four year old client bitten on her face by a dog at a neighborhood party. Plastic surgeon did a fantastic job and no visible scar after 12 months of laser treatment, but the laser sessions (2 x per month for 6 months; 1 x per month for 6 months) were traumatic for the girl.

Medical Malpractice $250K

$250,000 verdict for client in defective medical device case, causing scar tissue build up and resulting in need for device replacement surgery.

Car Accident $212K

$212,000 for client with fractured sternum from car crash.

Slip & Fall $108K

108,000 Verdict for client in premises liability case against Kroger where client broke her knee cap after slipping on a puddle of water next to an ice machine with a slippery floor sign in front of the ice machine.

Employer's Liability $75K

$75,000 for unpaid overtime hours for 3 employees during a roughly 6 month period.

Car Accidents Policy Limits

Policy Limits: Mild Concussion with TBI symptoms including migraines.