Class Actions

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Class actions are an important tool for holding companies accountable for violating the rights of consumers.

A class action is a lawsuit that includes a group (or class) of Plaintiffs that are harmed by a Defendant’s actions. Often, class actions include cases where many people were similarly harmed, but the individual damages are small. A class action provides a tool to include the entire group that was harmed in one lawsuit.

Some examples of cases that are well suited for class actions include:

  • Robo calls from debt collectors or advertisers (when you are on federal do no call list)
  • Illegal background checks. When employers pull background reports without sending you a copy
  • Overcharges on a cable or cell phone bill
  • A company may claim a product is “Made in the USA” when it isn’t
  • Misleading or deceptive advertising
  • A bank that charges overdraft fees that violate the terms of the bank’s own policy

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